Help! I can't reach my web site!

Before submitting a trouble ticket, if you can't reach your website, please:

1) Check the "Happenings" section of our online forum at to see if your server is listed as being worked on or having maintenance or upgrades being performed.


2) Check our Network Status page at to see if the server your account is on is reporting any problems. If the Network Status page shows a problem with the server, we have already been informed of the problem and our techs are working to correct it. If there are no problems reported...proceed to step 3:

3) Check to see if your domain name has expired. There is a "Domain Availability" link on the main page of our site, where you can run a search on your domain. Clicking the "whois" button after running this search will show you the expiration date, and other information about your domain name. If you prefer, you can other Whois lookups to find your domain name expiry date. Two popular ones are: or

4) Ask a remote friend or family member to see if they can reach your site. The problem could simply be a local ISP network issue. If they can, but you cannot, open a support ticket and tell us your IP address. You can find your IP by going to and copy the information it displays into your ticket.

IMPORTANT TIP: A "site outage" does not always indicate a problem with your hosting account or domain name.

The internet is like a big spiderweb of connections and computers. If one of those connections goes down, and it happens to be directly in the path from your computer to your web site, you may not be able to reach your web site. However, anyone on a different path may still be able to reach your site.

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